Nearly thirty-five years ago, Ruth Hicks introduced herself to me at a conference where I was speaking at Blue Water Shiloh in Ontario, Canada. A discussion ensued and I found out she was a friend of Sharon Wilson and Nola Brunelle who were on staff at our school, New Life Christian Academy. Little by little, I drew out of her that she was not only an evangelist but also an accomplished musician—both in voice and piano. That fall, we welcomed her on our Academy staff. She assisted the classroom supervisors, taught piano, directed vocal ensembles, and encouraged and inspired the staff and students every day. We were delighted to have her two grandchildren, Christina and Terri, as students.

In the summer, after three years of working in the Academy, Ruth made a tearful resignation. She was finding the days more and more tiring as her commute was long. She left home early and, especially in the winter, didn’t get back home in the evening until dark. My last visit with her was a picnic at Belle Island. We met, had lunch, and walked around the Island reminiscing about the goodness of God and her time with us. After many hugs and a tearful time of prayer, we parted–knowing the Lord had brought us together and we would always love each other.

During those three years, Ruth also attended our church and often wrote and sang a song in response to the pastor’s sermon. She was humble, but a tremendous encourager with deep spiritual roots and amazing biblical knowledge and wisdom—a truly gifted lady. Her heavenly Father called her home in 1997. 

ORDINARY PERSON (Words and Music by Ruth Hicks)

IF I HAD JUST ONE SONG TO SING (Words and Music by Ruth Hicks)

  1. If I had but one song to sing, that song would be about Jesus (repeat)

Refrain) For at that name, every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (repeat)

2) If I had but one song to shout, that song would be about Jesus (repeat)

Ruth with her granddaughters and their friends at school.

Ruth’s granddaughters in Mrs. Bettega’s Kindegarten Class

A parting note


Ruth was truly a saint of the most high God and a treasure among us.