Yvonne’s books

Yvonne’s books are out of stock and out of print. However, you can often find used copies online at Amazon, E-bay, AbeBooks, or Alibris. Look for the following titles under C. Yvonne Karl. Chapter titles are listed below the book title.

(The prices of used books are often inflated. If you watch, you should be able to buy them for $5 each or less. These are all sold by used book dealers not by Yvonne.)

Scarecrows in my Cerebellum: The Fragrance of Confidence, by C. Yvonne Karl, Brentwood Christian Press, softcover, 121 pages, 2003  (Note: You can read this book by chapters on this web site: see https://wp.me/p1buYw-cC)

Chapter 1 Scarecrows in my cerebellum – It’s intimidating…

Chapter 2 Canaanite Scarecrows: Discouragement – I can’t…

Chapter 3 Hittite Scarecrows: Fear – I’m afraid…

Chapter 4 Hivite Scarecrows: Deception – I can’t tell the difference…

Chapter 5 Perizzite Scarecrows: Ignorance – I didn’t know any better…

Chapter 6 Girgashite Scarecrows: Limitations – I can’t help it…

Chapter 7 Amorite Scarecrows: Mountains – I can’t get over it…

Chapter 8 Jebusite Scarecrows: Inferiority – If I could… If I had… If I were…

Chapter 9 Smiling at the Scarecrows – I did it!

East of Bethlehem: The Fragrance of Christmas and other holidays, by C. Yvonne Karl, Brentwood Christian Press, softcover, 131 pages, 2003


Chapter   1 East of Bethlehem

Chapter   2 Highly Favored

Chapter   3 Manger Menagerie

Chapter   4 Wreath of Love

Chapter   5 That’s How Jesus Is 

Chapter   6 Mere People

Chapter   7 Holy Night

Chapter   8 Bright Morning Star

Chapter   9 Wonderful Peace

Chapter 10 Wise Men 

Chapter 11 Our Lord’s Family Tree

Chapter 12 Christmas Fruit 

Chapter 13 Santa Worships Jesus

Chapter 14 Valuable Gifts

Chapter 15 Twelve Days of Christmas 

Chapter 16 Hanging of the Greens (Drama)


Chapter 17 From the Manger to the Cross (Drama)

Chapter 18 Glory in the Cross

Chapter 19 At the Cross

Chapter 20 Believing is Seeing


Chapter 21 A Mother’s Shadow of Influence

Chapter 22 A Tribute to my Mother (by J. E. Karl)

Chapter 23 A Mother’s Love (by Christine Litwinczuk)


Chapter 24 Honoring Fathers


Chapter 25 Living with Thanksgiving


Treasures In The Fire: The Fragrance of Forgiveness, by C. Yvonne Karl, Brentwood Christian Press, softcover, 83 pages, 2002

Chapter  1  Treasures in the Fire

Chapter  2 Standing on the edge of yesterday and the brink of tomorrow

Chapter  3 Lord, he did it again!

Chapter  4 Father, forgive them

Chapter  5 The sea of forgetfulness: practicing forgiveness

Chapter  6 Forgiving requires housecleaning

Chapter  7 Must I forgive God?

Chapter  8 ​​How do I forgive when the accuser roars?

Chapter  9 ​​Destined for success: forgiving myself

Chapter 10 Introducing The Wonderful Counselor


Brussels Sprouts In The Snow: The Fragrance of Triumph, by C. Yvonne Karl, Brentwood Christian Press, softcover, 87 pages, 2002

Chapter     1 Snow Memories and Scriptural Metaphors

Chapter     2 Transformed thoughts    

Chapter     3  Conquered choice—not by chance

Chapter     4   Goodbye to Hindrances

Chapter     5 Brussels Sprouts in the Snow

Chapter     6 Triumphal Parade

Chapter     7 Three-fold Secret of Winning

Chapter     8  Victory in Stinky Places

Chapter     9 Sweet Perfume with Eternal Fragrance

Chapter   10  Scent of Kisses

Chapter   11 Fragrant Recipe for Worship

Chapter   12 The Final Triumph

Chapter   13 Acknowledging True Victory



Shoes, Silk, and Salt: The Fragrance of Provision, by C. Yvonne Karl, Brentwood Christian Press, softcover, 85 pages, 2002

Chapter   1 Clothed with Silk and Purple

Chapter   2 Arrayed in Lily’s Clothes

Chapter   3 Bedecked in Hand-me-downs

Chapter   4 All God’s Children Have Shoes

Chapter   5 Walking in Shoes That Fit

Chapter   6 Wearing a Mantle and Eating Manna

Chapter   7 Spreading the Outer Garments

Chapter   8 Surveying Beautiful Situations

Chapter   9 Receiving Eternal Supplies

Chapter 10 Exchanging Ashes for Beauty

Chapter 11 Spreading Salt from the Rock

Chapter 12 Providing Help Along the Way

Chapter 13 Reclaiming God’s Provisions


Handmaids in the Reign of Almighty God, by C. Yvonne Karl, Companion Press, softcover, 95 pages, 1992

Chapter 1 Blessed art Thou among women!

Chapter 2 Thou hast found favor with God!

Chapter 3 The Holy Ghost shall come upon you!

Chapter 4 Behold the Handmaid of the Lord

Chapter 5 Be it unto me according to thy Word

Chapter 6 My Soul doth magnify the Lord

Chapter 7 He hath done great things