There are a number of references to windows in the Bible, but let’s focus on three of them.


In our first window the lady Michal, wife of King David, is seen standing inside looking out upon the Via  to  Mt. Zion. In her disgust, she sees her King husband dancing before the ark as it was carried toward Mt. Zion. Her emotions were intense; she felt humiliated that he would strip himself of his kingly robes and show himself to the public dressed only in his ephod. Her pride would not let her see her husband’s  heart—his spirit worshiping the Lord, reflected by playing instruments as his body danced. She despised him. The Lord was pleased with King David’s actions, but was sorely displeased with Michal’s response as she looked  through the window and mocked him. As a result, Michal had no child until the day of her death. (2 Sam. 6; 1 Chron. 15).


At our second window, we see the Elder Brother standing outside looking in on a celebration. His younger brother had taken his share of their father’s inheritance, left home, squandered all the money on worldly living, then actually had the audacity to come home. Not only had his father welcomed the younger boy back home, but he had thrown a party for him! Elder Brother was seething inside; a jealous spirit had engulfed him. He could have gone inside and joined the celebration, but he chose to stay outside and look in. (Luke 15:11-32)


We see a young man sitting in the third window—on the ledge, high above the ground—his name was Eutychus. He had come to an all-night service where Apostle Paul was preaching. Apparently, he was not watchful, or bored, and fell asleep, lost his balance and fell off of the ledge onto the street below, and died. Eutychus’ name means “fortunate,” and that he was, for Apostle Paul came and fell on him, embracing him, and the young man was raised up. He then participated in the service and was attentive during the remainder of the night as Paul preach on. At daybreak when Paul left, the people rejoiced that they could take Eutychus home alive. (Acts 20:9-12)


In each of these cases, we see where the three people could have been spared their emotional and embarrassing experiences had they participated in the service that was going. While David was playing and dancing to the Lord, instead of watching through the window, Michal should have overruled pride and run out to join him in worshiping the God of Israel! Had she done this, God would have blessed her with children.

If Elder Brother had walked in forgiveness, he would have welcomed his prodigal brother home and rejoiced that he had come to his senses. He would have been able to forego pride, put aside his resentment, and join in the celebration.

If  Eutychus had sat up front in the service he would have found that the anointing on Paul would run right over on him and he would not only have stayed awake all night, but would have received food for his spirit and soul. I imagine that after this night, he did not try sitting on the window ledge so he could see outside as well as inside, but rather chose to forget what was beyond those walls in the interest of receiving what God had to teach him.

Notice that those who do not get involved in a church service are often critical of those who do. They justify their criticism with self-exaltation.

Don’t try to remove yourself from God’s people. Don’t try to keep your distance. If you’ll get right in the middle of the service, the celebration, the work, you will find yourself rejoicing, and likely more healthy and prosperous, and likeable!

Even if others criticize you, do it for Jesus!

Be filled with the Holy Spirit (Eph. 5:18).

Never mind those who sit in a window looking to criticize you.

They are the losers.

You’ll be the winner!


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