America, Give Thanks!

Having traveled to several countries around the world, I can tell you first hand that we have much for which to be thankful in our country. Even with the economic downturn in nearly every state of the Union, we are blessed with an abundance in our grocery stores, shopping centers, and commercial markets. We have bathrooms in our homes complete with flushing toilets. On cold, frigid nights, even the homeless can usually find shelters to sleep in and soup kitchens to serve them a meal. I have been in countries where the store shelves were virtually empty, one-room homes had only a dirt floor, no running water was available, and urinals and toilets were non-existent. Amidst all the complaints of unemployment and foreclosures, we’re still abundantly blessed with the necessities and conveniences of life.

However, the most treasured gift of all is our freedom of religion. Our forefathers cherished religious freedom and attributed to Almighty God the success in their private and public lives.

This Thanksgiving–and every day–we must remember, “It is a GOOD thing to give thanks unto the Lord!” (Psalm 92)

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Thanksgiving Reflections

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Biblical Thanksgiving


Note: First article above (c) C. Yvonne Karl, Reprinted from The Alabaster Box, Vol. 25 No. 11